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Revolution Tour

Kael Sunga (Year 9)

Sancta Maria College had its first full school assembly of 2022 on Tuesday, 10 May. And to add to the excitement, representatives from the Revolution Tour were invited to lead and host the assembly by performing songs, highlighting the talent in our school and talking to us. Revolution Tour exists to disseminate hope to young people throughout New Zealand. Their main message to us was around awareness of personal and each other’s mental health, post lockdown(s), being kind to yourself and others, as well as seeking help when you need to talk to someone.

They began with a friendly introduction to who they were and what they did, stating that they enjoyed performing in any manner, whether singing, dancing, or stand-up comedy. The revolution tour vocalists soon followed with a fantastic mix of several tracks. The music’s energy spread across the school, inspiring us to sing along, clap along to the beat, and for some, rise and dance.

The revolution team also wanted to showcase the musical and dancing talent at Sancta Maria College, so they invited five of the greatest dancers to come on stage for a dance battle. Talent flooded the space as soon as the beat dropped as each dancer demonstrated their abilities.

The remainder of the school gave encouragement and support to their classmates.

The winner, Mikara Nepe in year 12, received a new headset after the whole school voted (using their voices).

The singers from Revolution then returned to the stage to deliver additional songs for us to enjoy.

Following that, a member of the Revolution team appeared on stage and provided us with some laughs as well as guidance and motivation. He began his speech by telling a narrative about himself (when he was our age) explaining that when he was younger, he had a beard that separated him from the rest. And, because people made fun of him, he decided to shave his beard to blend in with the crowd. Throughout his story, he would crack jokes that would lighten the mood of the audience, whether the joke was about himself or something we all go through. After sharing his story, he went on to discuss bullying, hurting other people’s feelings, and why this occurs. He talked about how people can feel wounded or undesired by leaving them out or making fun of them. But he went on to suggest that we may sometimes be our own worst bullies, such as when we look in the mirror and think, “I look fat, or I look too skinny.” He made it obvious that we must always love ourselves and treat one another with kindness.

Sancta Maria College had a wonderful first school assembly thanks to the Revolution tour, as one student put it, “it was an incredible assembly because of the Revolution tour team, I was on the edge of my seat as they spoke about motivational topics and performed amazing music.” This was an unforgettable assembly that lifted our spirits and certainly empowered our whole school!