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Roaring at the Rockquest


Eight young teens asked to write and perform a song about whatever they want. What could possibly go wrong?


Last Saturday, The Holy Terrors were given the amazing opportunity to perform at the 2018 Smoke Free Rockquest at Auckland Girls Grammar School. Our band consisted of three Year 9s (Ciaran Crane, William Kevern, Hannah Dangatan) and five Year 10s (Maddi Blincoe, Nathan Pereira, Kyle Evans-Parker, Alfonso Dela Cruz, and Bernard El-Boutty).


Collaboratively we wrote a rock song called ‘Johnny’, about a guy who was so full of himself and completely obnoxious. The song writing process was a bit tough, but super fun.


Before we knew it, The Holy Terrors were up on the stage ready to rock. But oh boy, we were nervous. Very nervous.


However, it all worked out in the end. Maddi, Hannah and Ciaran rocked the vocals, William tooted his trumpet while Nathan hit the keyboard keys. The guitar sounded amazing with Alfonso playing it, Bernard was awesome on bass (props to him, he learnt the song in three practises) and Kyle smashed it on the drums (literally). Together, The Holy terrors rocked it like there was no tomorrow.


“Rockquest was a great experience for our band and it was really fun in the process,” said Nathan Pereira.


Overall, the smoke free Rockquest was an amazing opportunity for The Holy Terrors, and we can’t wait for next year.


Hannah Dangatan