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Rowing their way to the top

Two of our stellar rowers, Reuben Corlett and Christopher McGrath, achieved a mean feat at the Head of Harbour rowing competition.

With a lot of athletes needing to get out on the water and demonstrate the hard work that they put into this race, the water conditions were making it hard for them to display their best efforts. “The atmosphere was buzzing,” as Mr. Corlett explained. “A lot of schools were excited and pumped”.

Focusing on the medals at stake, the nerves started to kick in. Fortunately, they ended up winning the overall competition and were over the moon at their performance. With a 3-5 second lead over the other boats, it was an amazing effort and a well-earned victory for Reuben and Chris.

Moving on to the North Island Championship, the nerves ran deeper than at Head of Harbour, as there were approximately 1000 athletes competing in this competition. While the North Island competition did not bring victory, these two athletes were pleased with their results, reaching the A final for the Under 17 double and the B final for the Under 18.

Reuben and Chris are now working towards the Maadi Cup Rowing Regatta this coming week and hope to do well. Based on their results in the past two competitions, the outcome is looking promising.