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Salve, Salve, Salve Regina!

Today is a very important day for all students, teachers and staff in Sancta Maria College. This day marks the time when our Mother Mary our school patron (Sancta Maria) visited her cousin Elizabeth who was soon to give birth to John the Baptist.

She went to not only comfort her but also to proclaim the good news that she was pregnant with the Son of God, who was soon to be called Jesus and would be known as the Messiah. Feast Day is celebrated every year at Sancta Maria College to remind us all about the Visitation and how these two women are two significant people, role models and great followers of God.

Not only the Sancta Maria community was celebrating this special day but also some of the prefects from the schools around East Auckland. Furthermore, the parish priests from St Mark’s alongside with Fr. Craig, Fr. Kevin and Fr.Ezio led the Mass and made us aware of the importance of service to one another.

During the Mass, some of our students took on the role of serving the community by being accredited as Eucharistic Ministers. As the Mass was ending, a gift was given from a sweet and generous couple, Mr George Thompson and Mrs Barbara Thompson, who donated to the school a statue of Mother Mary. This was then blessed by Father Ezio and will soon be placed inside the school grounds.

To sum it all up, the day was brilliant! All thanks to staff and people involved in preparing this amazing day. And on behalf of the SMC school community, love and thanks to Mr and Mrs. Thompson for gifting us the statue of Mary.

Franchesca Fernandez