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Sancta Maria College Prefects 2018


At assembly this morning the prefects for 2018 were announced. Head prefects for 2018 are Martina Kleis and Dominic Stolten. Deputy head prefects are Angelika Bilbao, Fiat Siasoco, Gabriel Nito and Brent De Vera.

Congratulations to the following students on their appointment as prefects for 2018:

Angelika Bilbao
Cameron Carter-Chan
Angelique Castro
Daniel Connery
Mikayla Dance
Brent De Vera
Hayley Kevern
Martina Kleis
Samuel Munday
Gabriel Nito
Abby Noble-Campbell
Luke O’Connell
Helen Pahulu
Jack Reidy
Sophie Ruka
Fiat Siasoco
Dominic Stolten
Alice Stonehouse
Adrian Suva
Alex Venn-Brown
Angelica Villegas
Manvis Wong
Henry Yu