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Sanctus performs at the Botanic Gardens


Despite the strong winds, depleted numbers and having to perform without a conductor, our school’s senior choir, Sanctus, pulled off an outstanding performance at the recent Botanic Gardens event, the Eye on Nature Family Fun Day.

After watching an African Dancing group perform on the grass, it was our turn – and even though the wind was competing with loud whistling noises, the choir still managed to wow the audience with 3 songs, all in different styles: ‘The Seal Lullaby’, ‘Not made with Hands’ and ‘Another Day of Sun’.

“The performance was really nerve wracking but in the end Sanctus did a really good job! The Botanic Gardens event was amazing and we sang the songs with passion and I’d say we did a good job and had fun!” says Andrea Nguyen.

It was such an amazing opportunity for the choir to present their talents at a public event, and we certainly impressed the audience we had.

“I enjoyed the fact that the choir could have the experience to go out and perform, and I think we all sounded great!” added Sarah McCormick.

Thank you to the Botanic Gardens for the chance to perform at the Family Fun Day!

Alanna Santoso