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Science Roadshow turns up the heat at school

Maia Tay-Morrison

29 and 30 May 2023 is a time of year that the Year 7-10 students at Sancta Maria College look forward to as they get to enjoy the interactive learning from the much-anticipated Science Roadshow. With engaging shows and hands-on activities, the Science Roadshow encourages students to think critically and put into practice things they have been learning in the classroom.

Before delving into the independent science exhibits, the students were given a show on sound waves. Hosted by science enthusiasts, the audience was taught about the science behind the noises we hear every day. Various experiments displaying how sound waves worked which brought a better understanding of the use it holds in real life. Some experiments even used fire to show how waves act.

Another aspect of the roadshow that students enjoyed was the engaging exhibits that students had the opportunity to explore for themselves. The roadshow showcased a wide range of scientific fields, from geology to astronomy and physics to ecology. This unique way of learning enhances students’ scientific knowledge and enforces the topics they have been learning in class.

A huge thank you to Mr. Williamson for organising this event and to the Science Roadshow team for igniting a new passion for science in the students.