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Science Roadshow was a blast!

Thursday and Friday saw Year 7-10 students experience the Science Roadshow in the Auditorium. The Science Roadshow is a fun way of learning about Science in a different environment where students explore and learn from the various hands-on activities. There were two shows and an interactive exhibition from which the students could see how Science can be applied in different situations.

The first show was Balloons and Bernoulli. This show focused on pressure and included a teacher in a vacuum bag so he/she couldn’t move! They also talked about how force and pressure relate.

The second show was Kitchen Chemistry. This show was mainly about Science using items found in everyday items in our pantries, and focused on acid and base indicators and density.

The hands-on time allowed students to discover how Science works by experimenting with various activities.

An activity which the majority of students enjoyed involved wind. It is where a fan blows air and the wind speed went up to 26 m/s.

Some students were explainers, assisting with the activities to ensure everybody interacted safely with the equipment, which was a great learning experience.

Thanks to Mr Williamson for organising this fantastic event and the Science Roadshow guys for bringing the wonderful world of science to our school!

Cyprus Causer