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Sea Week 2019


From the March 4-8 a number of activities took place to recognise Sea Week. During Sea Week the Environment Team raised awareness about what happens to the rubbish in our drains. It was to help people understand that all the rubbish dropped in the drains eventually get flushed out into the ocean which will then kill sea life.

During Sea Week students got to draw around the drains and make posters for a competition. At assembly on March 12, Anne Laure and Pascal from ANIMAL 360 came and showed videos of what they’re doing to raise awareness about the importance of our oceans and the need to look after the penguins in New Zealand.

Members of the College Enviro Team Katrina Chan, Mia Gilchrist and its founder Mrs. McCreath agreed about the importance of Sea Week. “Every little action helps an animal, if we can make one person change some of their ways then we’ve done a great job,” Mrs. McCreath explained.

Students were also involved in beach cleanups and sending in their results. The Enviro Team has put in so much effort. Watch out for the Climate Strike in period 3 on Friday, March 15. All the Enviro Team members put in so much effort into helping our world. Overall, Sea Week 2019 has been a massive success.

Luka Timmermans and Jayden Ashby