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Secrets and Stories Coming Up in Library Week


This week is Library Week and our librarians have awesome activities and amazing authors prepared.


Library Week started on Friday, 18 May 2018, with a visit by Brian Falkner, author of the Battlesaurs Series, The Assault and Shooting Stars. Other authors visiting this week include Kate de Goldi (From the Cutting Room of Barney Kettle), Tim Tipene (Bullies and Warriors) and David Riley (Powering Up with Joseph Parker).


An activity coming up this week is Murder by the Book, where students use clues to solve a murder mystery. Also as part of this activity is a “Detective Exam”. This will happen all week at intervals and lunchtimes. Will you solve the murder mystery?


During late-start this Thursday, students can create Harry Potter wands in the Pop-Up Makerspace in the Library. You can also write a description of their created wand, just like in the Harry Potter Series.


Finally, to end the week, there will be a Big Lit Quiz, for staff and students to participate in a literature and trivia quiz in the library at lunch time. Those participating will be up against the Year 7/8 Kids Lit Quiz teams who competed at St Cuthbert’s College (and did really well). Let’s see if anyone can beat these young experts!


Overall, Library Week is going to be fun and filled with lots of activities. With many authors coming and interesting activities to participate in. This year’s Library Week will be one that you surely won’t want to miss.


Ethan Siao