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Sheridan Eketone shares parenting guidance

We are very delighted to host Sheridan Eketone again for a presentation on ‘Understanding & Supporting your teenager’ to our school community on Wednesday 17 May at 7pm – you are all welcome to join us in the Auditorium or online via a livestream link (yet to be sent).

Sheridan is a Parenting Place Family Coach, Trainer and Presenter with a wealth of knowledge.  She is passionate about shaping the hearts of the next generation through parenting. A mother of four teenagers, Sheridan is grateful to her own tamariki for teaching her the importance of connection when it comes to raising confident and resilient kids. Sheridan works as a presenter and facilitator trainer for Parenting Place and is also a Family Coach offering one on one advice for parents needing support. A warm, relatable and enthusiastic communicator, Sheridan empowers parents to be the best they can be.

In Understanding & Supporting your teenager Sheridan will speak to the shift our teens make in the teen years towards a sense of autonomy. She will cover how parents are best to support this emerging autonomy in a way that promotes connection as the teen transitions into young adulthood.

  • Understand the teenage brain – why their emotions often override their thinking
  • Understand your teens emotions – and the importance of seeing passed the emotions to the teen you love
  • Supporting your teens need for autonomy – as a teen progresses towards adulthood they are needing a sense of autonomy. Understanding this need & supporting it is an important shift for us as parents.
  • Helping build resilience to overcome adversity – our ability to walk beside our teen through tough times gives them the capacity to build resilience in the teen years.
  • Putting your own oxygen mask on first – it’s fair to say that the teen years can be a challenge, so looking after your own wellbeing is a must, to ensure you can support your teen.

We hope you can all join us online or in our school Auditorium on Wednesday 17 May 2023 at 7pm.