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SMC Lions Garden

An exciting development has seen the SMC Lions Garden set up during the last school break with the plaque fixed in place this week. 

The partnership between Lions Papatoetoe and Sancta Maria College over the past 5 years has seen several service activities being shared: Tree planting at Totara Park, Manukau Trust Environment Days, the annual Christmas Parcel Wrap at Botany Town Centre and much more. 

Mrs Rehu would like to encourage students to actively support Lions and its mission ‘To Serve’ much like what we already do as part of Vinnies, Caritas and the various charitable activities the school is involved with. 

The SMC Lions Garden is a collection of purple lavender and golden sunset shrubs, and is a result of the work we do together, upholding our school values and virtues, caring for the environment and our people.

The next volunteer activity will be the 2020 Christmas Parcel Wrap with information coming your way in mid-November. 

Watch this space!