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Special Character Week raises Buzz in Classrooms!

Alexandria Lazatin (year 11)

Sancta Maria College’s Special Character week was filled with competition and excitement among classrooms. House points and various prizes were up for grabs!

Every day during homeroom, students were given the opportunity to complete a number of activities ranging from crosswords, word finds and colouring sheets which were related to ‘Mary and The Visitation’. For each activity completed, one house point was awarded! Students were able to get more involved with the Special Character of our school – showcasing the purpose of this newly introduced week.

In addition to the everyday homeroom activities, Monday, Wednesday and Friday had online quizzes which were released on schoology:

Monday – A quiz about love; one of the school’s four core values.

Wednesday – A quiz that focused on the New Testament; the four Gospels and Jesus

Friday – A trivia quiz relating to Special Character

A huge round of applause and congratulations to the winners!

Gemma Holt , Grace Chen and Ruiqi Jiang

Thank you to all those who participated in the activities – your efforts were appreciated! A special thanks to Mr Piggin, and our Special Character Deputy Head Girl, Sydney Causer, who took charge of making this new initiative happen.