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Starry, Starry Night


From corsages to boutonnieres to dashing suits and magnificent ball dresses, this was definitely a night to remember.


On Saturday, our Year 12s and 13s had their Starry Night Ball, held at the Ellerslie Convention Centre. At seven sharp, we all started arriving, being greeted by teachers and the head girl and head boy. The venue was absolutely spectacular and surpassed our expectations. Stars of all shapes and sizes were spread throughout the room and scattered across the tables.


Our Year 13s started the night with the ‘First Dance’ which had all the teachers and students watching in awe as they danced gracefully and elegantly, their practice and hard work of the last two months paying off.


Gradually we all lined up, table by table, to satisfy our hunger and feast on the buffet dinner. Some people went for seconds, and some thirds! The food also didn’t fail to meet our expectations.


We then started slowly inching our way towards the dance floor and some towards the photo booth where the photos and the memories that we would be holding on forever were taken. The dance floor was completely insane, which consisted of jumping, screaming and shouting out the lyrics of every song played by our talented DJ who gave us songs that hyped us up.


As at every ball, we have our Prince and Princess and King and Queen but our ball committee added two more categories the ‘Just Friends’ and ‘Cutest Couple’. Prince and Princess Royalties were awarded to Kirk Peteru and Mia Gilchrist and King and Queen were awarded to Dale Sasis and Helen Pahulu. While the ‘Just Friends’ were awarded to Mikayla Sua and Luke O’Connell and ‘Cutest Couple’ went to Jack Greengrass and Sophie Ruka. Furthermore, the best dressed teacher was given to Dr.Laux for wearing an amazing and cute green dress.


With the final hours remaining, we made the most of our time taking vast amounts of photographs in the photobooth and also screaming our lungs out on the dance floor. We danced and sung like there was no tomorrow and ended up having croaking voices, aching backs and sore feet.


Overall it was an exquisitely beautiful night. A never ending thank you to the Ball Committee for making the night spectacular, for Mrs.Vercoe for being the head organizer of this night and for all the teachers and students for making it a night to never be forgotten.


Franchesca Fernandez