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Students enjoy fun Language Week activities

During language week, the Library hosted a fun and interactive learning experience for students of all ages through a French colouring in competition. The competition was of one of France’s most renowned structures: the Eiffel Tower.

This was placed inside a love heart, another thing France is well known for. Through this, students spent a fun and interactive lunchtime in the school library, surrounded by friends, colouring in and learning about one of the most popular countries in the world.

Another activity that took place was a lolly and jelly bean picking challenge with chop sticks. The lollies were for beginners as they were the easiest to pick up with their hard-shelled outer coating. Jelly beans were given to experts as even though jelly beans were big, they had a glossy coating, causing them to be slippery. The challenge was that it all had to be done in under 40 seconds, with the student who picked up the most lollies or jelly beans getting a prize.

Through this, students who participated obtained knowledge on how millions of people who live in Asia eat their daily meals through the art of using these wooden utensils.

Raynah D’Silva