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Students in Japan visit Universal Studios

Our students and staff in Japan are currently on Shinkansen bound for Tokyo after two days in Osaka and Shin-Osaka exploring the bustling city centre.  Students were introduced to the subway system; working out how to get to their destination with the correct train fare. This is in preparation for their much anticipated group navigation of the Tokyo subway network.

Their trip to the Universal Studio today is best summarised by each student as ‘tanoshikatta’; ‘omoshirokatta’; ‘wasurerunakunatta’; ‘sugokatta’;  ‘eye-opening, exhilarating, ‘omoide burkai’; ‘memorable’;  ‘sukareta’; ‘subarashikatta’;  ‘susamajiikatta’; ‘invigorating’; ‘nostalgic’; ‘suteki datta’; ‘muneodoru’; ‘exciting’!