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Studying in the far south


2017 Sancta Maria College graduate, James Joblin, recently returned to the College to give a speech to our senior students on studying the humanities at Otago University. He spoke about the opportunities the University offers to school-leavers. In particular, the international dispersion of humanities graduates was a focus: like the Archaeology alumni in Spain and Philosophy alumni in France.

He spoke about the support provided at the institution not just for current students but also for students post-Uni who are job searching. Student Learning Development, cheap doctor appointments, and the Disability and Support Office were just a few of those support structures mentioned. He also spoke of Unipol: a free-to-use gym at the University which facilitates a large number of social sports and activities.

The allure of Dunedin was also spoken about in the speech. James mentioned some of the attractions of the city and the campus, including the recent good weather. He also promoted the local cuisine, telling about a street wholly dedicated to fast-food which commonly caters to Uni-students.