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Supporting Te Puea Marae

The Year 10 Social Studies classes decided they should act and take ‘the learning’ outside of the classroom and into their community, answering the question – how can our learning positively influence others?

 For the last 6 weeks they have been working through a population unit and in particular rapid population growth, its effects and government policy. The context of learning has been in China, India and Africa. However, last week our government in an attempt to address homelessness and the housing shortage offered families up to $5000 to move to empty state homes outside of Auckland. Of course, in the interim families in South Auckland have been seeking refuge at Te Puea Marae in Mangere Bridge. This is where our students stepped in to help and to develop a connection to their learning.

They collected sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, sheets, towels, jackets, clothes, shoes and food. They delivered these items in the school van to Te Puea Marae (with a very full trailer on the back due to the amount collected). Students felt good about the support they were giving and enjoyed the time they spent at the Marae.