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Team bonding in Taupo

The first thing we did bright and early in the morning was our first netball training. It was so cold we all froze. Straight after that we went off to Rock ‘n Ropes. It was an amazing experience that we will never forget. We had to conquer some of our fears during this event. We all conquered them by completing both the high swing and the pamper pole. The instructor, ‘Scottish’ was his nickname, was funny and we all got along with him. He cheered us on when we were scared or nervous. He always seemed to put a smile on our faces when we needed it. Later on, after Rock ‘n Ropes we went down to the lake and had lunch. To pass time, we tried throwing rocks at the geese that were nearby, however, we got told off.

Once our lunch had settled in we went off to the courts in the now hot sun and completed our second two hour netball training. By the end of the training we were dripping with sweat and we were ready for a swim in the lake. When we got there, we all sprinted out of the car and dived into the freezing cold water.

From the lake we went to the De Brett’s hot pools because we were all cold. When we got there and raced out of the car, we ran down the hill and our jaws dropped to the ground. It was amazing, it looked so beautiful and relaxing. When we got in the water it was even better! It was so warm, it was like a giant bath that we could sit in forever. But sadly, we had to leave after an hour.

When we arrived back at the house we were all tired from the exciting day that we had. Straight after dinner we watched one of our favourite movies, ‘The Lion King’, then did some team bonding games. The aim of the games was to get as many points as you could in a small groups of three. Some of the games that we did were to take all the tissues out of a tissue box with one hand the fastest or to shake 10 ping pong balls out of a tissue box that was attached to our waists. Hannah won the evening.

We went to Mass on Sunday morning and met the priest of the church in Taupo. Then we went and completed our final netball training. On the way back we were a bit naughty and went to McDonalds to have an ice cream for afternoon tea. We got back to school safe and sound and on the way home, our mothers would have been sick of our voices, because we were telling them how much fun the weekend was.


Ashleigh Swainbank on behalf of 10A