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Tears in the kitchen


They covered their eyes as streams of tears flowed down their faces. It was so difficult, but the students persevered.

It’s certainly difficult to cut 20 onions, but the Young Vinnies members from our school courageously finished chopping the onions during their fortnightly service to the St. Vincent De Paul Society in Otahuhu. From then on, they just went from strength to strength, sweating the onions, grating cheese, cooking mince and having the heat of the kitchen upon them.

As the saying goes, ‘Many hands make light work’, and the Young Vinnies members joined together their handiwork to produce container after container of delicious food to feed many hungry stomachs. With the help of other leaders from the Ignite Team and the St. Vincent De Paul Society, through the service of other, the Young Vinnies have again been able to provide help and care for those that are in need of support. Through our actions we endeavor to share the message of service and aroha and promote the common good throughout our community.

Angelika Bilbao