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Thai study group saying goodbye


Time goes by in a blink of an eye. The Thai Study Group has already been at Sancta Maria College for two weeks! During the two weeks, the Thai students enthusiastically participated in lessons with our students and showed a willingness to gain an understanding of NZ culture.

The visiting Thai students fully enjoyed their time with us. They were able to experience a completely different school life to the one they have in Thailand. The Thai students told me that it is a new experience and they enjoyed it a lot since everyone is very friendly and kind. As a multi-cultural school, Sancta Maria College is more like a place to learn through interactions with others, rather than just a place to learn from the teachers.

Therefore, it is very pleasing to see the Thai students felt comfortable to share their ideas, thoughts and personal perspectives within the classroom and with their classmates.

While living with their homestay families the Thai students could experience the differences between kiwi culture and Thai culture in many different aspects – eating, living, clothing, and more. They were able to know and understand a different perspective while interacting with our students and their host family.

It is lovely to see how the Thai students were included in our school community and treated with love and care. We wish all our new Thai friends a wonderful time for the rest of their stay in New Zealand.

Jolin Chen