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The Amazing Race

The last day of Sancta Maria College’s ‘Library Week’ ended with an exhilarating game of ‘Amazing Race’.

There were six teams of 2-3 students each who had to complete a series of challenges including word puzzles, quizzes, maths, rubik’s cube and basketball, and solve clues to get to the next pitstop in the race.

All the teams certainly had their own dose of fun. However, in the end, “TEAM N.A.” who were Alexa Lazatin and Nicole Xu reigned supreme and finished the race the earliest, with the “The Potterheads”, Sophia Nelson and Sofia Olan, coming in a close second. Both teams received fantastic prizes.

Author Des Hunt also came to our school to talk to the Year 7 and Year 8 students. Hunt is known for the strong environmental message in his books, such as ‘A Friend in Paradise’ (2002), ‘Project Huia’ (2013) and Sunken Forest (2016).

However, his interests do not only involve the environment, but span further afield, to science, electronic technology, NZ’s unique wildlife, volcanoes, earthquakes and other natural forces that can have disastrous consequences.

His visit involved speaking about his books and writing career. The students also had great fun performing science experiments and blowing things up along the way!

Angelika Bilbao