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The Build up to our Open Day

Johann Ang, Benedict Loulie Wijtenburg (Year 13)

With Sancta Maria’s open day coming up, ex-students of our feeder primary schools went to visit where they started. These trips are made annually to explain to the Year 6’s in surrounding Primary schools how Sancta Maria College is a truly amazing school. Four students attended each primary – two Year 13s and two Year 8s.  On 27 February, Alanna Santoso and Benedict Loulié-Wijtenburg went on a visit with Toby Stewart and Grace Tan to Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic primary school on the first visit.  The second visit on 28 February, Johannah Mantanguihan and Nathan Chin along with Amelie Chan and Jehan Solanga visited Saint Mark’s Primary.  Finally, the last visit was on 1 March to Sancta Maria Primary. Special Character Prefects, Alexandria Lazatin and Johann Ang, as well as Jaydn Borromeo and Raynelle Ramos from Year 8 were asked to go.   

The purpose of these visits was to tell students about the open day coming up and it also served as an opportunity for the primary students to ask any questions they had. Mrs. Moore began each session by explaining the history and motto of our school – briefly retelling Bishop Pompallier’s journey and the vessel which Sancta Maria is named after. Mrs. Kilpatrick then followed with a talk about a more academic view of the school.  

The Year 13s, with it being their final year, did a short recap of all their favourite parts of their journey at Sancta Maria College – the productions, the music bands, all the camps, Cultural Festival, and the School Social were just some of the things they mentioned! Finally, the Year 8s talked about their first year at Sancta Maria College, explaining their journey from being shy Year 7s to their current selves. They also shared some tips they had to enjoy the year! 

When all had been said and done the students asked questions about anything they were curious about. There were questions about a variety of subjects such as badges, graduation rates or the camps that are available in Years 8 and 10.  Overall, it was a very successful visit, and we hope the year 6s we visited think so too!