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The International Students Trip to Rotorua


The sun shone bright and warm from the clear blue, cloudless sky. The food consumed was different yet full of flavour. The places explored were fascinating and riveting. When the international students travelled to Rotorua, all that could be said about the overnight trip, was positive comments.

“It was fun”

‘The weather was sunny all the time.”

The international students’ days were packed with many activities, including travelling to Matamata and touring Hobbiton, visiting Agrodome Farm and seeing some animals, walking around a thermal park and viewing active geysers, and experiencing a Maori cultural evening and dinner.

Most students felt that the luge rides in Rotorua were their favourite activity of the trip,

“We had races with each other and it was exciting.”

The students were able to learn many new thing about New Zealand and its culture,

“I learnt some Maori words…‘kapai’ means awesome.”

The trip was able to further develop the students’ relationships with each other. It brought the students closer together.

“All the international students got to hang out together.”

When the students arrived back home on Friday evening, some couldn’t wait until the next time they could compete with each other on the luge rides again.

Overall, the trip was very memorable for the international students. Most of them would recommend the trip to other people new to the country or who just haven’t been to these places yet.

“I think they are all awesome experiences that everyone who comes to New Zealand should experience.”

Zoe Chou