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The Light Project

Hyebeen Park (Year 10)

On the 30 of March the years 10, 11 & 12 gathered in the auditorium to have a talk about the influences of pornography and sexuality from a speaker named Jo who visited our school, during period 5. We watched a few videos and participated in activities regarding the usage of pornography in NZ. Everyone was very surprised when all the statistics were revealed, this was also a very good learning opportunity for us students as the talk was very interesting. We learnt about many things like sexual assault, the effects of pornography, consent and much more. This talk was very necessary for our school because of the society that we were raised in today, especially because the consumption of pornography is very excessive in NZ and it’s everywhere even if we don’t intend to look for it. Overall, this was a very informative afternoon, and the students had taken away many important things from this talk.