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The Outdoor Club

Sean Hancock is the student mastermind behind the recently formed Outdoor Club. Reporter Kayleigh Pieters interviewed Sean to find out what is happening and what are the plans for the future.

What is the Outdoor Club about?

The outdoor club is the opportunity for people at our school who don’t have access to or are not able to adventure into the big outdoors of their own accord. It is also a social and fun thing for groups of friends to do if they want to challenge themselves in an environment different to the shopping malls and school.

It is also an opportunity for people who are already skilled in different areas of outdoor pursuits to step up and lead their peers in these activities. Most importantly it is a chance to get out and be active. Climbing and hiking are planned at this stage but eventually a wider range of activities will be introduced.

What are your plans for the future?

We are currently working on getting interest for the Outdoor Club through myself and Mr Camp. We are working on separate tramps for Years 9-10 and 11- 13. And day hikes for Years 7-8. We are currently planning trips for outdoor climbing at the Panmure Stonefields for everyone to experience rock climbing. We hope to have a rock-climbing team to take part in the secondary schools’ competitions and events this year. We are preparing for this with our regular Friday trips to The Climbing Gym (Extreme Edge).

What do you do in the Outdoor Club?

Currently, in the Outdoor Club, I organise trips and come up with a lot of ideas to propose to Mr Camp and the rest of the club. Because of my extensive background in outdoor and climbing I‘m one of the main influences behind this club starting at the school and within my year group.

How is the Outdoor Club going?

At the moment we are hoping to grow in interest and then start to organise tramps for late Term 1 for Years 9- 10 and also one for Years 11-13. And we also hope to build on our regular Friday climbing sessions and build interest in climbing through this.

How do students sign up for the club?

See Mr Camp in Phys Ed. or in the Deans’ office or Sean Hancock in 11DNN. Listen to the notices for the meetings or ask a friend who’s already involved. We would love to have you join us.

Kayleigh Pieters