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The Story Continues …

The second day of library week provided great fun for all with a five part competition to challenge every student who bravely dared to take it on.

The first part of the competition asked students to first figure out which book was each teacher’s favourite. It included many books such as ‘The Book Thief’ and the Alex rider series.

The second part asked students to find the deliberate spelling mistakes located in the library. The third and perhaps most challenging part of the competition asked students to identify the book whose pages had been carefully shredded. The fourth part asked students to guess the amount of books in the library that came under the category of a) Fiction b) Non-Fiction and c) Graphic Novel. Finally, 5 pages of books were stuck to a bulletin board and students were requested to decipher which book each page came from.

Some of the school also had a visit from David Hill, an acclaimed author. He discussed his books and how they were based on his real life experiences and also answered any questions the students had.

Tuesday brought about a challenging yet fun day to library week and has certainly set the bar even higher for the rest of the week to come.

Sarah Holt