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The Volunteer Work of the Junior God Squad

Members of the Junior God Squad have been busy since September performing good deeds at various rest homes near the College.

Throughout September, October and November Mr Tamayo has been organising trips to Summerset by the Park and Dannemora Gardens. On these trips, members of the Junior God Squad visit the elderly at the retirement villages, participate in Mass with them, sing for them and also engage in conversation with them.

These visits to the retirement villages take place on Wednesdays and this week’s trip was to Dannemora Gardens. Whilst at the rest home, a small of group of Junior God Squad members took part in a morning Mass at the rest home with Father Craig. The Sancta Maria school song as well as Mo Maria were also sung beautifully to the elderly who very much appreciated the performance.

Later on, the members of the Junior God Squad chatted with the people at the retirement village. When the time came to leave and return back to the College the small group of students had left Dannemora Gardens filled with laughter at the entertaining stories they had heard from the people they conversed with. It was a thought shared by every student that it had been so meaningful and enjoyable to take a break from our everyday lives to do acts of service for our fellow children of God.

Through simply just asking about their day or just listening to what they had to say, joy and smiles were able to be brought to the elderly at the rest homes which is what these trips are about; sharing love with our fellow brothers and sisters.

Zoe Chou