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Totara Hospice Bake sale 2021: Super successful!

After many weeks of waiting, Dr. Laux, Mrs McCreath and Sancta students were finally able to do their annual bake sale fundraiser at Bunnings on the 20th March.

With the help of students, staff, and parents, the bake sale had cakes, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, muffins, and many pastries and bread. All of the sweets were homemade, and the pastries and bread were kindly donated by Wild Wheat Bakery (Picton Street, Howick).

We were able to raise a total of $950.60 for Totara Hospice, which is outstanding! Totara Hospice is a wonderful organisation that provides free care services in south and southeast Auckland.

With approximately 480,000+ people within their community, they care and do so much good for our country. Unfortunately, they do not receive enough money from the government to do as much as they like, which is why Dr. Laux has set up this annual bake sale.

With Totara Hospice’s vision of: ‘Honour Living, Dignify Dying’, their values of pride, passion, compassion and respect make them the great group they are.

We would like to thank Bunnings Warehouse Botany for allowing us to use their property, Wild Wheat Bakery for their donation of food, all the students, staff and parents who helped sell and bake the food. Special thanks to Dr. Laux and Mrs McCreath for organising this event, and also, to Mrs Ah Fook for the amazing cupcakes she made! If you wish to donate to Totara Hospice, please click here:

Johann Ang