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Twilight Cultural Festival Food Stalls Underway!

Alanna Santoso (Year 12)

Plans for our 2022 Cultural Festival are well underway! This year marks only the second Twilight Cultural Festival at Sancta Maria College – alongside of which are some long awaited and well-rehearsed performances, and a variety of food stalls featuring snacks, meals and drinks from nations all around the world.

Led by a wonderful group of parent volunteers representing their cultures, they have spent nights planning with Mrs Kevern in preparation to bring you delicious, home-cooked and affordable food to indulge in at the Cultural Festival.

Here is the current line-up for our 2022 stalls:

Taste of China
Taste of India
Taste of Indonesia
Taste of Kiwiana
Taste of Korea
Taste of Mexico & Latin America
Taste of Middle East
Taste of Philippines
Taste of Samoa
Taste of Sri Lanka
Taste of Tonga

See the full menu and program for the day here.

Come along to our festival on Friday, 28 October 2022 to a taste of our cultural background and support our local cultural communities!