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U15’s Up for a Challenge!

The 1st XI Football Girls received an invitation to play against the U15 Girls in a friendly match which came as a pleasant surprise to the 1st XI Girls.

Mr Green’s Schoology message stoked a bit of fear and a bit of desire in the older girls: “They have some very good players and if we lose it could be humiliating”.

Of course they did not want to lose to the younger team, Vice-Captain Claire Barbafiera saying that she was very nervous about the game due to the fact they were almost half her size, meaning she had to make sure not to tackle them too hard. But on top of that she also wanted to make sure that they didn’t win of course….!

One U15 player said how she really enjoyed having the opportunity to play against the 1st XI Girls and learn different strategies to help their team to improve. The U15 Girls really enjoyed the challenge and put their all into the game.

A little shoutout to Finlay Shand-Marcusson for stepping into goalkeep for the 1st XI Girls, because of the absence of five of their players.

Thank you to the coaches Mr Green and Stacey McCarthey for being so supportive and always helping our teams improve.

A great game of football played out, and the 1st XI Girls did take out the win, 4-1.

Abby Tay-Morrison