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Vinnies Regional for 2022!

Cyprus Causer (Year 11)

This year, five students (Alexandria Lazatin, Teresa Croker, Johann Ang, Ella Dickens and Cyprus Causer) from Sancta Maria College attended the South Zone Vinnies Regional for 2022! Held at McAuley High School, it gave an opportunity for students from Sancta, McAuley and De La Salle to reflect on leadership and connect with each other.

Teresa commented, “Taking part in the South Auckland Schools regional was a super fun opportunity to reconnect with other Vinnies Leaders, make new friends, and engage in the theme of building relationships in a safe space.”

We began with prayer and pizza while networking with students from the other schools. This was followed by some ice breakers, like jump jam, after which, we all participated in a riff off lead by the Vinnies leaders. The themes were church songs, numbers, and Pacifica songs. We formed small groups and discussed the values we hold closest to ourselves and the values that are important as a leader. It concluded with each group preparing and performing a small skit about what the Vinnies do and their values. Each group’s skit was very entertaining and was a mix of acting and singing.