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Welcome to the Study Group from Thailand


On a beautiful Sunday, a group of new faces arrived at Auckland Airport with their baggage sitting beside them. They are the Study Group coming from Thailand, who are ready to start their new journey at Sancta Maria College.

On Monday, 14 Thai students at different year levels joined our school community. They will be spending a month studying with our students.

The arrival of the Thai Study Group creates an opportunity for our students to learn more about Thai culture. On the other hand, the Thai students will also get to know NZ culture better while staying here with our students. The cultural and language differences will be a great chance for students to improve their communication skills and extend their acceptance of diversity. The cultural interaction between students will be such a good way in order to spread our Kiwi culture outside NZ and let more people to get to know about us.

“Each culture is a system of values which may well complement the values in another.” – Ruth Benedict.

Students will expand their horizons by understanding and accepting the diversity of each other. Eventually, it is possible to build up lovely friendships through this cultural interaction with Thai students. It will be amazing to see the connections built between students from different cultures.

The head of our International Students Department, Ms. Gillies, commented that, “This is the first time we’ve welcomed 14 Thai students, so we’re excited about this.”

She also wished them a great time in NZ while learning about Kiwi culture and that they will hopefully make some meaningful friendships with our students.

Please give a warm welcome to all the students coming from Thailand, and we all wish them a great time while staying in NZ.

Jolin Chen