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Welcoming all students to Anime Club


Why do students join anime club? Because they really like anime and watch it with friends and family. Some think anime is cool because they want to be an animator. Others started going because all of their friends went and soon became part of the wider group.


What do you get out of anime club?
Besides the enjoyment of watching your favourite anime characters in action you have somewhere to keep warm at lunchtime. A place where you can escape for a while to the wonderful world of anime.


With winter coming up Anime Club is a good place to enjoy a variety of anime with other students. Anime Club meets every Friday in CU3 at lunch time and it is open to all students attending Sancta Maria College who wish to meet like-minded students and explore the world of Anime. Be sure to check it out as it is open to students of all year levels.


Rona Sabinada