Student wellbeing

Sancta Maria College aims to provide a safe learning environment where all students feel valued and supported. Following the example of Mary, the Mother of God, we show the importance of putting the needs of others first, of servant leadership. We look for inspiration to our College feast day, the Visitation, of Mary going to look after her cousin Elizabeth even though she too was expecting a child.

As a mother Mary lovingly nurtured the child Jesus. We have the wonderful image of Mary being the first to kiss the face of God. Sancta Maria College seeks to be a place where the weak are nurtured alongside the strong, the individual alongside the group, the confused alongside the confident. Our value of respect opens our eyes to the fact we are all made in the image and likeness of God, and as such we all have the right to be respected and loved just because we are. Students are encouraged to feel safe, to grow and develop as positive individuals in a supportive and encouraging environment which will applaud successes and accept failures as part of the journey to success.

Sancta Maria College, a safe place to develop talents and prepare to fly.