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Who won the Year 8 Dance trophy?


Lights. Camera. Action! Not exactly… This week the Peer Support dance competition winner was announced during our school assembly. After many weeks of hard practising, choreographing and sweating, the results are in for the Year 8 dance-off.

This year, the Year 8s have been working with the Year 12 Peer Support leaders to create a dance.

Though this was a light-hearted competition, we still wanted to know who came out on top. After a few weeks of waiting, the results were announced during this week’s assembly. The winners of the 2018 Year 8 Peer Support dance are… 8DNN! This put a stop to 8CLE’s winning streak.

“It was really fun and exciting (even though we were nervous). I really want to be a Peer Support leader now!” says Jaiden Beltran (8DNN).

All the Year 8s enjoyed creating and watching the unique dances. It was a good experience for most and we learnt valuable traits in the process, for example, teamwork.

The Year 7s have got their job cut out for them next year to try and better this year’s Year 8s!

Ella Dickens, Johann Ang (8DNN)