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Wrap up warm, because it’s going to be a cold one

Checklist: turn off all lights, turn off all heaters and definitely dress up in your warmest winter woollies, because on Friday it was SMC’s annual ‘Warm Day!’

As Environment Week came to an end on Friday, the entire school unplugged from electricity to raise awareness of the amount of unnecessary energy we gobble up daily. Students learnt the importance of energy consumption, as the crisp, cold air really made students reconsider the heaters as something to treasure!

To fill in that cold spot in most students, delicious hot soup was sold, and previously in the week hot chocolate was also sold. The atmosphere was fun and filled with joyfulness, despite the cold as upbeat music played in the C block courtyard, and some students were very happy to spend the day in their pyjamas!

It was a real eye opener for most students as to how much energy we use and depend on every day, and the harsh impact it can have on our environment. However, the day was a huge success, as was Environment week, because the school managed to save an incredible 50% of its normal power consumption.

Environment Week was a good learning opportunity for students to learn the importance of preserving energy. It helped students develop a deeper understanding of everyday products that are harmful to our environment and can be easily substituted by a more nature friendly product.

Francesca Adams