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Year 7 and 8 Swimming Competition

Merryn Raukura (Year 8)

What started out as a small trip to the Lloyd Elsmore swimming pools, turned into a greatly enjoyable and successful day for Sancta Maria College students.

And even though it was an early time to be hopping into a chilly pool, I think it is safe to say that our students have done us proud, working, supporting, and showing all of Sancta Maria’s school values including good sportsmanship, and resilience.

Throughout the day there were some outstanding team members that participated in nearly every single category possible at the time, among them were Year 7 Fiona Sheng, Samuel Hanna, Darrius Tuy and Andre Bacale-Mercado, who competed in 50m Freestyle, Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Relay.

Our Year 8 team comprised of Isabella Tran, Aaron Santoso, Seann Atis-Viray and Roman Andrews, who swam throughout the day, also making it into different heats and finals.

But on top of competing and taking a day off school, one of the highlights of the day had to be the opportunity to gather as a community with all the different schools around our area, despite Covid 19.

A huge thank you to the teachers that escorted and drove our teams. We had a blast and a fun day, so have a think about signing up for next year!