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Year 10 Dodgeball House Sports Competition


During Week 8 of Term 3, a group from the sports committee hosted the Year 10 sports competition. Sports committee members went around the Year 10 homerooms throughout the week in order to promote the event. Hannah, Roisin, Shawna, Tahlisa, Tanya and Mia (members of sports committee), organised dodgeball on Thursday and Friday lunchtime in the gym for all Year 10 students who showed up and were willing to play. All those that came to the gym were supporting their house and trying to win extra house points.

Only a small number of Year 10s attended dodgeball on Thursday lunchtime. Akaroa and Kororareka teamed up and played dodgeball against Waitemata (as Waitemata had the most people) as a result of this. Friday lunchtime saw a much bigger crowd. House points were awarded to all those who came in support of their house. Extra house points were awarded to people who wore a house coloured t-shirt.

The house displaying the most participation by students was Waitemata, winning 50 house points. Akaroa came a close second place, scoring 25 points, and Kororareka placed third earning 25 house points as well. No one from Hokianga showed up to play dodgeball and so as a result scored no house points.

One of the Year 10s who attended dodgeball both lunchtimes said, “Can we do this again next week but try different sports too! Like multi-sport?”

A member from sports committee who organised the event said, “It was very exciting to see a bigger crowd on Friday, and the participation was amazing!”

Overall, everyone had an enjoyable experience. Sports committee will be organising and running more competitions the rest of this year to promote house participation within each year level as well as encouraging house spirit.

Mia Gilchrist