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Year 10 Market Day Draws School Crowds

Joshua Araos (Year 10)

On the last week of term 2, two Year 10 Commerce classes put their knowledge to good use in the Year 10 Market Day. With basic economic knowledge and basic accounting in their heads, this market day was just a nice interlude from all the knowledge they had gained. The two classes had about five weeks to prepare for the day, planning for their desired products, pricing, and marketing. On the day, they set up their stalls before lunch, waiting for all the potential customers they hoped for.

The various groups made their very interesting ideas come to life. From a haunted house in the drama room, a sushi-sponsored game and homemade music prints, to a very popular sticker stall, the day was full of laughs!! In the end, their hard work had paid off, with very excellent profit.

The Year 10s would like to thank Mr Cho for organising the event, and making it the very fun day it became for the end of the semester.