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Year 10 Market Day = learning, fun and success

On Monday, future business men and women were able to put their skills to the test during Market Day.  After weeks of planning and hard work, Mr Cho and Mrs Du Burgess’ Year 10 business classes were able to sell amazing things to the school at lunch time. They set up stalls around the courtyard for their end of semester project.

They sold many interesting things such as sherbet, necklaces and even candy floss! Aislinn Manuyag, one of the Year 10s involved said, “It turned out pretty well, I think you start to realise what sells and what people like after a while. The market day was a way to interact with people and a learning experience.”

Their efforts surely paid off, as many students from all year levels flocked to the courtyard to purchase their goods! Overall, the day was full of learning, fun and success.

Angelika Bilbao