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Year 10s have the right ‘Attitude’

This year the focus of the talk was ‘friendships’. Our speaker and representative of, Alenzo, spoke about his experiences and the consequences of his decisions.

He spoke about the importance of being able to connect with people more deeply than just making them your friends because you meet them and they know you.

Alenzo said: “You can’t make a connection with your mates when you’re too busy meeting other people and making new friends because you don’t give those who are already your friends a chance to connect with you.”

This really took us aback and had our whole year group acknowledge our decisions with each other because he also spoke about the importance of the quality and not the quantity of friends we have; which also made us reflect on our friendships and relationships with the whole year group

Overall, it was another fine day to be in school because we were being taught important life lessons that could and would help us in the future while we continue growing closer to each other as a year group.


Lars Bosales