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Year 10s take Allenzo’s Advice on Board


“Say you’re walking on a beach and you step on a big shard of glass. Your one solution is to take that piece of glass and stab your other foot so you can’t feel the pain of the other one since this foot is now in more pain.

You make a worse situation for yourself so you don’t have to focus on it. That’s what drugs do to you.” Allenzo explained.

The Year 10s were fortunate to have Allenzo Tamatoa present Friday’s ‘Attitude’ talk, using laughter as well as information to encourage the Year 10s to think more importantly about their life decisions, as they never know where they could lead.

Allenzo spread awareness about the effects drugs and alcohol can have on an individual’s life and really changed the students’ way of thinking. He talked about how everybody has needs and how these change as you grow, how important it is to talk to those you trust if you’re going through tough times and how peer pressure can affect you as it once affected him.

He told the students about how when he visited Japan for his honeymoon, most of the people held beers in their hands. This, he said, is because they have a different mentality and control their consumption but here in NZ we drink as much and as fast as we can, which we need to change.

Alenzo also spoke about a type of drug called marijuana and how addicting drugs can be to a person which could end up ruining their entire life. “Don’t do drugs,” he said simply, “find healthy ways to meet your needs.”

The Year 10s took a whole lot on board from Allenzo’s talk and he really gave them a new outlook on life. Thank you to Allenzo from ‘Attitude’ for speaking to the students and making them think twice about their choices in life.

Allenzo left us with the thought that, “Everyone’s equal, some just work harder in the pre-season.”

Nadine de Guzman