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Year 11 Peer Support Leaders Visit Year 7 Homerooms


In March the Year 11 Peer Support leaders have made their first visits to their Year 7 homerooms. In teams of about six leaders, each homeroom starts with prayers and the reading of the daily notices before getting started into some fun activities.

As this is our first time seeing the Year 7s, the theme of our visits have been ‘Getting to Know You’. We learned each other’s names and a few interesting facts about them. Our key message for our Peer Support homeroom, was ‘Everyone is different, so everyone is interesting’. This means everyone is different in their own little way from their interests to their talents.

Each Wednesday we will visit them and get to know each other more and more. We are there to be a ‘big brother or sister’ to the new comers to our College and to help them settle into their new school environment.

Sydney Causer