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Year 11 Retreat

Cyprus Causer (Year 11)

The year year 11 retreat, run by Mr Tamayo, had the theme “I am loved so I must love.”

There were 5 activities in which the homerooms rotated around, followed by Wednesday Mass and then a guest speaker who spoke about how when we do things for others, we feel happier than when we do things for ourselves.

The first activity, ‘They are important too’, was run by Mr Piggin. The lesson we learnt is that we need each other to get to heaven. The students had to get from one end of the basketball court to the other (to heaven) by helping each other and guiding them. Some of us were blindfolded or could not walk which made it challenging for the whole group to get to heaven.

The second activity, run by Mr Bidwell, was about some stories in the bible and we had to draw a picture about how God was present in the story.

The third activity, run by Miss Smith, was ‘people around me need me’. This helped us learn that we can always do something to help other people, whether they are our friend or a person we don’t know.

The fourth activity, run by Ms Oliver was ‘What can I do to make the world a better place’. We got in groups and brainstormed ideas about improvements that could be made to our school. Some ideas included a cafeteria and a lift in A block that students could use.

The fifth activity, by Ms Bradley, was how we should acknowledge those we love. So we wrote notes to friends, teachers or anyone else that we love and are grateful for appreciating what they do for us. As well as that, we also wrote a note to ourselves saying something that we liked about us. This note will be given back to us sometime this year.

It was a super enjoyable day and a great learning opportunity. Thank you to all the teachers that arranged this for us!