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Year 11 Retreat deepens students understanding of self

Words are a powerful tool. In fact they can even have their own hidden messages.

On a bright, sunny morning, the Year 11s set out for the Korean Catholic Church across the road for a special day of learning, spiritual growth and team building activities.

Organised by Ms Fouhy and Mr Piggin, the day was jam-packed with fun and exciting activities. During the miniature excursion, the students were able to participate in a variety of activities leading to some interesting life lessons.

As we were educated in the fine and elegant artistry known as calligraphy, we became exposed to the power of words and their possible social effects – how beautiful words can yield beautiful snowflakes, as ‘ugly words yield ‘ugly’ snowflakes. Of course, the calligraphy classes were only part of our busy day.

We were also able to take part in a ‘trust walk’ which revealed the importance of trust among our peers. But what can a retreat be without something to unravel our inner talents, our inner souls! Soul singing, a group session where we used our voices and poetic skills to express the significance of recognising our God-given gifts.

However, the highlight of the day for all was certainly the Sacrament of Reconciliation with Father Kevin. A special and personal time where we could reveal our concerns and troubles in utter confidentiality. A time most certainly appreciated as a fitting conclusion to our wonderful Year 11 retreat at the Korean Catholic Church.


Manvis Wong and Gabriel Nito