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Year 11’s trip to Rainbows End!

Cyprus Causer (Year 11)

In lieu of the Year 11’s missing out on their camp last year due to COVID-19, the school organised a Wellbeing Day for their cohort on Friday, 8 April – a trip to Rainbows End!

The focus for this day was about positive relationships and leadership. The students pushed away their fears and tried thrilling and adrenaline boosting rides – often encouraged on by their supporting peers. The cameras kept clicking to capture the many moments – with over 20 rides at the theme park, there were plenty of opportunities to capture the moment and there was something for everyone!

Victoria Chirenje was incredibly grateful and says, “I personally thought that every ride was exhilarating and had its own uniqueness which made the experience very exciting and entertaining.”

Joshua Araos says, “I am grateful that the Year 11’s had the opportunity to do this kind of activity.”

Thank you to Ms Farmer and Mr Bacon for arranging this trip and to the teachers that came along with us. It was a super exciting and a fun-filled trip!