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Year 13 Retreat “Hope for the Future”

Our Year 13 students attended their final Sancta Maria College retreat last Wednesday. Although it was an early start for everybody, the fantastic experience was well worth it!

The Retreat started off very early at 6:30am at Eastern Beach, where people took photos of the gathering dawn as they awaited the arrival of friends.

Everyone celebrated mass with Father Kevin as the sun slowly rose across the horizon. It was such a peaceful moment as Father Kevin proclaimed the Gospel and celebrated the Eucharist near the calm ocean.

After a plentiful and well-earned breakfast was served, Miss Smith talked the students through their workshops for the day. This was followed by activities in homerooms such as reconciliation, games involving teamwork, arts and crafts, and learning about the Importance of rosaries.

After lunch, everyone enjoyed free time socializing, playing volleyball or channeling their inner child in the playground!

The final activity of the day was when Year 13 students were asked to write letters to their future selves; the letters will not be opened until the end of the year.

The Year 13 students would like to thank Mrs Oliver, Miss Smith, Mr Camp, Mr Tamayo, Father Kevin, Mrs Price, and all of the Year 13 homeroom teachers who were involved in this fabulous enlightening final Retreat.

It gave us the opportunity to know the importance of others and how they helped us to where we are now. These memories will forever be cherished in our hearts, and will help us remind ourselves that there is always hope for our future.

Lorenzo Cruz