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Year 7 enjoys a Big Day In

Sarah Lecias

On 13 March 2024, the Year sevens had their ‘Big Day In!’ We were told that this day was all about fun, enjoying ourselves and connecting as a year group, so we were all ecstatic when the day finally came.

When I first arrived at school, I knew that I was going to take every opportunity given of all the exciting activities. Prefects led us throughout the day, as the homeroom classes rotated around different activities; kickball, bouncy castles, ABL, waterslide, and bubble soccer.

My first activity for the day was the bouncy castle. Once we entered the auditorium, I was astonished to see three, big, bouncy castles inside! There was a classic bouncy castle, a jousting bouncy castle, and a bouncy castle where you’re attached to a spring, trying to pull you back from reaching the end. I liked bouncing around, as we don’t get to do that often these days.


Our next activity was out on the field for kickball. Kickball was like baseball; except we kicked the ball instead of batting it. There were also mini-inflatable pools for bases, and a waterslide at the end when you completed a full run. The ball was an inflatable one, so it was very light. Adding to that, it was slippery, so the ball always went in another direction whenever you passed it, which was humorous.

After kickball, we went to the waterslide. This was my favourite activity out of all of them. They put soap and water on a tarp, and that way, we were able to slide down. Some of my friends chased the prefects, trying to pour a bucket of water on them and others slid down the slide all stacked up together, like the bears in the show, ‘We Bare Bears.’


After we changed into dry clothes, our next activity was ABL. ABL was all about teamwork. We were split into four groups, and we played Tug of War, a sack race (which was interesting) and a game where we had to steal chickens from other teams. It was a collaborative and lively group of activities that I liked.

Lastly, we did bubble soccer. I was particularly eager to do this one. You were put into a ‘bubble’ where your legs and head were sticking out of a giant inflatable ‘bubble’, and you played soccer. You could bump other people, in pursuit of the soccer ball to score a goal. When I got in the bubble, it was quite heavy, and I felt isolated in there! I could only hear my voice, so it felt like a serious game – it was not at all what I had expected.  However, it was a great activity that I’m sure everyone enjoyed.

Despite a few showers, every activity was full of action, fun, engagement with classmates, and a bunch of laughter.   The Year Seven’s Big Day In was an amazing and memorable experience. Thank you everyone who helped make this day possible. We loved it, and I can’t wait for what other eventful days we may have in the future.