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Year 8 Camp  

Tuesday morning was filled with excitement and elation as the Year 8 students were ready to leave for camp. When they arrived at Camp Adair in Hunua, the students prepared for an entertaining outdoor experience involving many fun and challenging activities.  

On the first day, the students had a choice to participate in the mudslide. The mudslide was enjoyed by many as it was a fast and slippery ride which ended with a splash into a cold pool! 

Regardless of whether you are afraid of daunting heights or cold and muddy waters, this camp encouraged everyone to step out of their comfort zone and overcome their fears.  

This year’s activities were the High Swing, Rambo Bridge, Pamper Pole, Cargo Climb, Kayaking, Super Fox, Air Rifles, Bush Craft, Islands in the Sky, Climbing Wall and last but not least, the Confidence Course. For most Year 8 studentsit was difficult to decide which activity was their favourite.  

The final night was the highlight for many Year 8 students. The students all competed in a Toilet Paper Wedding Dress competition and a singing challenge at the campfire.  

At the campfire, each group had to sing a song to be able to roast their marshmallows first, which was a great way to end the camp. 

As the Year 8 camp concluded, the students returned back home from their four-day expedition. However, they did not arrive empty handed, as they came with many new memories that will not be forgotten for years to come.

Nathan Chin